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Family Training

ChAMP will provide a highly qualified Family Trainer to provide one-on-one training to the family in the use of interventions individualized for their child. Interventions can include, but are not limited to, habilitation , self-direction, behavior management, daily living skills, socialization, mobility and money management.


ChAMP's Family Trainers are Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Certified Special Educators or Master's Level Special Educators who have experience working with children with autism and their families in a home environment.


ChAMP can provide Family Training services in the amount of hours as approved by the child's Plan of Care.

Treatment Plan development

ChAMP's Family Trainer will work with the child's parents and family members to develop a treatment plan for their child.
The Family Trainer will conduct a full assessment by meeting with your child, reviewing his/her previous programs and progress at home, and discussing the goals and objectives the family has for its child.


The Family Trainer will then develop a treatment plan. The treatment plan will outline the goals and objectives agreed upon by the treatment team. It will also outline the programs that will be implemented to work toward the identified goals.


In addition, the treatment plan outlines how the child's progress will be measured. ChAMP's Family Trainer will meet with the family monthly (or more often if necessary) to review the child's progress. The treatment plan is a fluid document that will be regularly updated to meet the needs of the child and family.

Intensive Individualized support services

ChAMP will provide one-on-one Intensive Individualized Support Services ("IISS") by trained instructors. These services are individualized and goal oriented with an emphasis on behavioral interventions.


The IISS therapist will implement the treatment plan developed by the family trainer. In so doing, the IISS therapist will keep any necessary data on the child's progress. Our IISS therapists have a variety of backgrounds including, but not limited to: college psychology students, graduate special education students, certified paraeducators, experienced ABA therapists, and others who care about children with autism and want them to achieve their maximum potential.

ChAMP allows families to interview candidates and choose IISS therapists who they believe will be the best match for the needs of their child and family.

The amount of hours provided by ChAMP is governed by the child's Plan of Care.

respite care

ChAMP will provide one-on-one technicians to provide high quality respite care in the child's home. Respite provides parents and caregivers with an opportunity to focus on their own needs, while knowing that their child is safe and happy.


Our respite providers are often trained as IISS therapists and are qualified to work with children with autism. The child's Plan of Care will govern the hours available to the family for respite care.


ChAMP may provide ABA therapy for children who receive coverage through Tricare, the military health insurance company. ChAMP provides a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, familiar with Tricare, to develop and supervise your program. ChAMP also has therapists on staff who meet the ABA training requirements of Tricare. Please contact us for more information.

other funding sources

ChAMP may provide therapeutic services for families with LISS funding and others. Please contact us if you have another funding source and are interested in our services.